About Us

Mission & Vision

Our mission is  to create high value piezoelectric material and device solutions for uncharted markets.

Our vision is  to become a premier leading-edge innovator of piezo-ceramic materials and devices. We will produce advanced products for new customers and new markets in a variety of key industries and become a vertically integrated piezoelectric device manufacturer enabling strict quality control in every step of the production from raw materials to electronics integrated packaged piezo-devices.

Our Company

Solid State Ceramics Inc, founded in 2011, produces advanced piezoelectric multilayer co-fired materials and devices focusing uncharted markets for conventional piezoelectric business. SSC’s expertise across piezoelectric materials and devices enables it to provide custom solutions to best customer requirements. Since January 2020, SSC has merged with QorTek, Inc. and is now operating as the Technical Ceramics and Mechanical Systems branch of QorTek, Inc.

Recent Company News

January 2020 – SSC and QorTek, Inc. merger was completed and SSC operations have become QorTek, Inc.-State College (QSC). This merger has created a synergy for advanced piezoelectric applications such as underwater transducers, multilayer actuators, transformers, and energy harvesters.


December 2019 – SSC delivered its thickest textured piezoelectric ceramic parts for underwater transducer applications.


September 2019 – PISO transformers completed MILSTD-331D.


August 2019 – SSC acquired a continuous steel belt tape caster (KEKO, CAM-22) for in-house toll casting of green piezoelectric tape rolls for multilayer and textured piezoelectric ceramic manufacture.


March 2019 – SSC delivered its first multilayer co-fired textured piezoelectric stacks for energy harvesting applications.


January 2019 – SSC delivered its thinnest textured piezoelectric ceramic parts for underwater applications.


August 2018 – SSC delivered its first multilayer co-fired stacks for amplified piezo actuators (APA) suitable up to 350°C operating environments, which are fully produced in the new facility at State College PA.


December 2017 – SSC delivered its first multilayer cofired stacks for energy harvesters suitable up to 350°C operating environments, which are fully produced in the new facility at State College PA


October 2017 – SSC is recognized with the 4D Technology Development Program Award for its Next Generation Bandages for Improved Wound Healing, a collaborative work with Dr Evren Azeloglu, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinaii, NY


October 2017 – Started operations in new 3000sqft manufacturing facility at State College, PA.


October 2017 – SSC’s piezoelectric transformer based step up DC-DC converter targeting Electronic Safe and Arm Devices is being recognized with a 2017 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award at this year’s Defense Innovation Summit (DITAC), Tampa, Florida (October 2017)


March 2017 – Steve Dynan joined as VP Business Development Manager


January 2017 – SSC became a member of Center of Dielectrics and Piezoelectrics


October 2017 – SSC is awarded two Phase II contracts by NASA and NSF on high temperature energy harvesting  and low temperature cofired transformers


October 2016 – Dr Erkan Gurdal joined as Chief Technologist.