About Us

Our Company

Solid State Ceramics Inc, founded in 2011, produces advanced piezoelectric multilayer co-fired materials and devices focusing uncharted markets for conventional piezoelectric business. SSC’s expertise across piezoelectric materials and devices enables it to provide custom solutions to best customer requirements.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is  to create high value piezoelectric material and device solutions for uncharted markets.

Our vision is  to become a premier leading-edge innovator of piezo-ceramic materials and devices. We will produce advanced products for new customers and new markets in a variety of key industries and become a vertically integrated piezoelectric device manufacturer enabling strict quality control in every step of the production from raw materials to electronics integrated packaged piezo-devices.

Recent Company News


December 2017 – SSC delivered its first multilayer cofired stacks for energy harvesters suitable up to 350°C operating environments, which are fully produced in the new facility at State College PA


October 2017 – SSC is recognized with the 4D Technology Development Program Award for its Next Generation Bandages for Improved Wound Healing, a collaborative work with Dr Evren Azeloglu, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinaii, NY


October 2017 – Started operations in new 3000sqft manufacturing facility at State College, PA.


October 2017 – SSC’s piezoelectric transformer based step up DC-DC converter targeting Electronic Safe and Arm Devices is being recognized with a 2017 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award at this year’s Defense Innovation Summit (DITAC), Tampa, Florida (October 2017)


March 2017 – Steve Dynan joined as VP Business Development Manager


January 2017 – SSC became a member of Center of Dielectrics and Piezoelectrics


October 2017 – SSC is awarded two Phase II contracts by NASA and NSF on high temperature energy harvesting  and low temperature cofired transformers


October 2016 – Dr Erkan Gurdal joined as Chief Technologist.