Textured Ceramic

SSC produces state-of-art single textured ceramics with crystal-like properties for a variety of applications such as underwater acoustic transducers and acoustic sensors. In-house produced seeds (templates) and piezoceramic materials are employed in Templated Grain Growth process to manufacture textured ceramics. Our low-cost textured ceramics technology can be used for custom device design and manufacturing. Please contact us to discuss your application and selection of the template and piezoceramic materials that best fit your needs.

The recent development of SSC’s textured ceramics have shown promising electromechanical properties relative to Navy Type III and Type VI piezoceramics without significant cost increase. SSC’s increased performance textured materials enable transducer designs to operate at high stress- and field-limits in compact form factor, targeting unconventional applications such as very low frequency projectors and sensors that can achieve source levels and operational bandwidth that exceed those achievable by conventional PZT ceramics.


  • Single Crystals-like properties at low cost
  • Made in USA


  • Textured Ceramic Material (TX-101)
  • Device design support and manufacture (Transducer)
  • Seeds


  • Underwater Acoustic Transducers
  • Acoustic Sensors